Pastor Greg Powe

Pastor Greg Powe served faithfully for five years as Administrator and Assistant Pastor of World Changers, where he received personal and intense training as a Pastor under Dr. Creflo Dollar. While serving at World Changers, Pastor Greg Powe received the vision for Revealing Truth Ministries that was founded on the principles of Jeremiah 33:6, “I will reveal unto them the abundance of peace, prosperity, security, stability, health, healing and truth.”

In 1990, Pastor Greg Powe relocated to Tampa, Florida, with his wife, Deborah and their four children, Gregory, Christopher, Bryan and Chrystle. After a year of hosting a daily radio broadcast, Revealing Truth Ministries had its first church service in November 1991.

In 1998, God birthed the vision of Pastor Greg Powe Ministries through Pastor Greg Powe to function as an outreach of Revealing Truth Ministries to bring the Word of God to the world. As a result, Pastor Greg Powe travels to various countries each year preaching the gospel and sharing with men and women that Jesus is Lord.

Welcome to Restoration 2016 Pastor Greg Powe