Blessing Of The Week – 27 August 2017

We declare that Monday we will walk in the exceeding, fullness and abundance of the blessings

We declare that Tuesday we will experience miracles that are sudden and immediate.

We declare that on Wednesday we will experience what “with long life I will satisfy you” means.

We declare that on Thursday we will receive the healing of the Lord, the fullness and that by His stripes we are healed.

We declare that on Friday we will receive blessing upon blessing.

We declare that on Saturday we will shift from one glory to another glory.

We declare that Sunday will be the day of birthing, new and freshness of that which you have impregnated us, and cause us to give birth.

Bless us this week, no loss of life, but the fullness of recovery. We stand in the gap for all those in the hospital beds.
We speak healing for them to raise and to be a testimony of your goodness.

Lord, we know that you are well able to do it.

Blessing Of The Week – 20 August 2017

Father, before your throne we come. We submit and surrender to your will, crying out loud: “Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done!”

With Thanksgiving in our hearts, we come before your throne, and we desire what you have in store for us this week.
We declare by the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ, that this will be the week of the impossible becoming possible.
This will be the week that many will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

This is the week that demons will leave our households.
This is the week that we will experience increase, and for many, there will be a second stream of income. New streams of income coming in your lives.

We declare a new stream of income.
A stable stream of income.
A consistent stream of income.
A steady flow of blessing that is unhindered, and with little effort.
A no-sweat type of income that will come by favour.
Let it be so in this week.
No deaths, many healings, no child will die, no child will drown, nobody will die in a car accident.
Nobody will go for divorce this week.

The blessing of the Lord will remain.

Blessing Of The Week – 7 August 2017

This week will be our best week.
No repossessions will take place.
This week we will go out and fight.
We will trample on the heads of serpents.
We will overtake and overcome every obstacle that Satan has against us!
In the Name of Jesus, we take authority over demonic spirits that are directed towards bedrooms, upon husbands and wives and children.
We take authority over ungodly visitations, ungodly dreams, and demonic forces of hell. We curse it, we bind it, and we send it back to hell in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Blessing Of The Week – 31 Jul 2017


In the name of Jesus, doors of favour will open this week.

Everything that was against us will be for us. Everything that’s outstanding will be brought into fruition this week.

This will be the week of signing contracts, and of title deeds.

This week court cases will be reversed, and doctors’ reports will be reversed.

This will be the week of deliverance. Our children and our children’s children will be set free from demonic oppression.

This will be the week of peace in our households. Children that are lost will come back, and straying husbands and wives will come back.

The supernatural will come upon each one and every household. I pray for the miraculous; for financial blessings in this week in Jesus’ name.

I pray for cancellation of accidents, and no calamities. I pray that all ties of debts will be broken.

No one will die this week, no one will die before their time.

I call forth every seed as a harvest in Jesus’ mighty name.