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Dear Family,

2015 has been a phenomenal and blessed year for the Victory Ministries International family. We have seen God’s faithfulness manifest in all areas of our lives. His teachings have shown us the way of accelerated transformation for our own lives. The message for 2016 is bold and strong:


What are the things you believe God for? Is there somebody to stand in agreement with you? The very first step into the faith-zone is to ASK, ASK and ASK BIG. Let your faith arise.Remember to smile in 2016 because every time you smile you make the world a brighter place, every time you speak a word of faith to someone along an unpaved road, you change a life. You are a light every time you pray a prayer for those in need because it releases a special blessing. It will take a new level of boldness and faith for this year to let them all know it is your time to make a choice – Choose whom you want to serve. Make it public that your house is blessed of the Lord and those who live in it must

serve Him with their whole heart!

Pastor Jerome & Eunice



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